About A4Q

Empowering people and organizations

A4Q brings together subject matter experts from around the world to create content including syllabuses and materials that support the education of IT and digital professionals. A4Q works with leading global certification bodies to deliver examinations according to ISO 17024 standards.

Qualification supporting careers

Qualification can be a helpful tool that significantly reduces the rate of human errors while it simultaneously boosts the level of employee motivation which goes hand in hand with effective continued education.

Given the ever-growing value in the IT field, training is especially important. Making an investment in your staff will always be much more cost effective than expensive recall and rework caused by low quality software.

A4Q licenses high quality training material in several language for globally leading certification schemes like ISTQB or the A4Q schemes.

The Alliance 4 Qualification has the mission to create globally leading content and certification schemes in an independent environment.

It was founded by different organizations with the aim to work independently from a specific exam provider or a specific training provider with a long term focus on lifelong learning.

A4Q strengthens quality in the field of training and certification.

High quality research and content creation enable it’s customers to assume a leading role in the field of IT qualification. To reach its independence, A4Q neither offers it’s own trainings nor can you order exams from it directly.  

A4Q is neither a training provider nor an exam provider. It is the place to grow and build up new ideas fostering innovation and practical skills by reflecting the needs of the industry – an incubator for the future in the field of IT qualification in close cooperation with partners from industry, academia and politics. This initiative of excellence looks at both new and existing schemes.  

It aims to be a research centre to create new career paths and to provide its customers with the latest knowledge in combination with a practical approach. 

At the core of A4Q.

You can compare A4Q with an airport of ideas. It is the best place from which new ideas can start – independently from the organizations they belong to. 

A4Q is the new, independent education facility that generates high quality content for qualifications with innovative solutions that enable its partners to play a leading role in a fast changing world.