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IQBBA provides the following skills:

  • Enterprise Analysis – understand the business processes performed within an organization, identify the change needed and prepare feasibility studies together with risk analysis.
  • Business Analysis –  identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems.
  • Process Improvement – optimize an organization’s performance.
  • Innovation, design and customer – apply modern techniques of innovation and creative design in order to produce new, competitive products.

» Develop the best standards in business analysis
» Analysing, modelling and process improvement
» Key success factor for your projects and products

Modules for the IQBBA

IQBBA provides you with a certification scheme allowing to gather knowledge and skills necessary for improving your business.


Certified Foundation Level
Business Analyst

The Foundation level certification forms a base for a today’s key qualification in the business analysis field. The acquired knowledge assures a proficiency in definitions and background about business processes modeling and improving, collecting and analyzing requirements, designing business solutions and working in the area of innovation.

Main focus of the Foundation level certification is put on common rules and standards used in business analysis. An additionally topic is the innovation and design as one of major means of building competitive advantage.

The content

  1. Fundamentals of Business Analysis
  2. Strategy Definition
  3. Management of Business Analysis Process
  4. Requirements Engineering in Business Analysis
  5. Solution Evaluation and Optimization


Certified Agile Business Analysis

The A4Q Agile Business Analysis course is focused on the work that a Business Analyst practitioner will face in an agile context. The Agile Business Analysis Syllabus and training will support practitioners to become familiarized with the context, the practices and the challenges they will face, and ensure they will be ready to perform.

As agile grows in maturity, it is increasingly evident that Business Analysts are fundamental to the delivery of features that yield a satisfactory return on enterprise investment.

The content

  1. What is Business Analysis?
  2. What is Agile?
  3. Common Agile Approaches
  4. Techniques in Agile Projects
  5. See the Whole
  6. Think as a Customer
  7. Determine: What is Value?
  8. Get Real with Examples
  9. Understand what is Doable
  10. Stimulate Collaboration and Continuous Improvement
  11. Avoid Waste
  12. Review


Certified Advanced Level
Business Analyst

Advanced Level modules aim to further improve the Foundation Level skills. The Advanced Level is designed to develop more advanced skills in the specific knowledge area of IQBBA Business Analysis approach – for example, in the scope of Requirements Management.

This syllabus covers the three modules of the IQBBA Advanced level:

  • Strategic Analysis and Optimization
  • Business Analysis Management
  • Requirements Engineering and Management

The content

  1. Generic Business Analysis Process
  2. Business Analysis Process
  3. People Management
  4. Tools and Techniques for BA Process Management

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