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A4Q Business Service Design

The need for organizations to continuously innovate and adapt their services to meet the ever-changing, and increasingly demanding, expectations of their customers is more of a challenge today than ever! A seamless service experience for the customer can have a huge impact on an organization’s reputation, customer acquisition and retention and indeed the company’s overall growth. Business Service Design has an in depth focus on business systems, processes and services behind the customer journey, focusing on their impact on customer satisfaction.

» Innovative and adaptive Services
» Focus on Business Systems
» Impact Customer Satisfaction

“The holistic organizational configuration of people, processes and technology to define value propositions and deliver offerings made possible by the capabilities of digital technologies.”

The A4Q Business Service Designer certification attests to an individual having demonstrated:

Each module within the scheme has its own inherent value as a certification and will add value to individuals seeking to develop and attest to skills in each of the respective fields.

  • The four thinking frameworks that combine to provide a powerful toolkit behind innovative, customer-centric service design: Systems Thinking, Service Thinking, Design Thinking and Lean Thinking.
  • Being able to explore the business services, their value propositions and the customer perspective.
  • Being able to identify where changes are required.
  • Being able to apply useful Service Design techniques to drive business innovation.

A4Q Business Service Design: Exam Details

The examination for the Business Service Design is based on the respective curriculum. The full examination areas are well defined in the Learning Objectives of the curricula. Consequently, the Learning Objectives provide the framework for the exams. The testing format is multiple choice.
Candidates eligible to participate in a Buisiness Service Design exam either have attended an accredited course or they are participants of an open exam.

The exam for the A4Q Business Service Design is available at:

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The Syllabus can be downloaded here:

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Minutes per exam


Extra time for non-native speakers.


Score is required to pass the exam.

Elective Modules for the A4Q Certified Service Designer

The A4Q Business Service Architecture certification will focus on the service architecture and its component elements, within the context of enterprise, business and solution architecture.

Topics covered include architectural principles; service definition; value stream modelling and analysis; capability requirements and modelling; the T shaped professional; service measures and controls and a framework for service agility.

The A4Q Business Acumen certification covers the knowledge, skills, understanding and perspective needed to develop good business acumen.

Topics covered include types of business model; leadership and decision-making skills; the importance of a growth mindset for senior leadership teams; available business models and financial and data literacy.

The A4Q Business Design Consultancy certification covers the key skills required to deliver effective business design consultancy, including the consultancy lifecycle and service portfolio, the consultancy mind set, stakeholder engagement, investigation and negotiation techniques, and situation diagnosis.

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