A4Q Use Cases

A4Q brings together subject matter experts from around the world to create content including syllabuses and materials that support the education of IT and digital professionals. A4Q works with leading global certification bodies to deliver examinations according to ISO 17024 standards.

A4Q Use Cases

For Professionals

You are an IT professional? Then discover the reasons why you should consider certification.

A4Q is creating leading certification schemes to ensure lifelong learning and create new career paths. This helps you get the latest knowledge in combination with practical skills created by the best experts in the field.

Stay on top of your game

The global economy is constantly changing, and so is demand for relevant knowledge and skills. New certifications can help you identify emerging IT areas that are becoming more and more important. Getting certified will help you stay updated and successful in your field.

Educate further

Many fields are developing and becoming more intricate and complicated. The multilevel structure of most certification schemes will allow you to deepen your knowledge and skills in your particular area.

Secure your job opportunities

Competition in the IT sector is increasing. As a certified IT expert, you will always remain a valuable asset for your employer, or become more attractive for potential new employers.

A4Q Use Cases

For Trainers

Boot your portfolio with in demand and industry relevant training courses

A4Q collaborates with industry experts to create high quality, ready to deliver training materials that support both A4Q developed certifications and leading qualification schemes such as ISTQB®.

A4Q is not a training provider but understands the challenges and needs of the training provider community. Working with A4Q gives you access to an extensive portfolio of certifications that will support your business success. You can be confident that A4Q will continue to innovate and keep up to date with the changing demands of employers and professionals worldwide.

Create a win-win situation by offering A4Q certification training courses

Both employers and employees are increasingly acknowledging the value of certification. While the latter see it as a universal recognition of their skills and knowledge, employers consider is as a benchmark when it comes to hiring or promoting their employees.

By offering training courses that support certification, you create a mutually beneficial situation. Employees’ and employers’ demand for certification is satisfied.

A4Q Use Cases


Certifications Turn Professionals Into ​Experts

A4Q is an independent organization that aims to reflect the needs of the industry. It helps to ensure that training and certification schemes meet the highest standards in research and teaching. Thus, it helps you as an employer to have the state of art knowledge in combination with innovative solutions in IT industry.

Almost every company has to rely on IT to a certain extent. It is therefore essential for the employers to acknowledge the value of certification and introduce it in their companies.

The choice to hire certified professionals will ensure that the future employees possess the necessary level of qualification and expertise.

Motivating the employees to certify, as well as creating opportunities for them to do so, is an investment that brings significant benefits to the employers. It sets a certain benchmark in terms of skills and knowledge, and introduces uniform norms and standards across departments and business units.

The ratio of certified experts in the company can make it more reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of its partners and clients. Finally, certified employees will bring in their knowledge and expertise, which will consequently lead to optimisation of the processes and improvement of the company’s performance in general.