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A4Q Practitioner in Agile Quality 2.0

Agile software development allows organizations to respond to changing market dynamics quickly and get to market faster. Using agile approaches to deliver quality at speed can result in products that delight customers and create real business value.

The A4Q Practitioner in Agile Quality (PAQ) immerses participants in agile practices with an emphasis on quality. A Practitioner in Agile Quality can use agile as an effective pathway to accelerate the delivery of quality software.

» Build better quality software – deploy faster.
» Internationally recognised.
» Exams are available worldwide.

A4Q PAQ is for any practitioner in agile who wants to gain recognition with a recognized certification in agile quality.

The A4Q PAQ certification is for anyone, and everyone, in the team who needs to continuously deliver better products, services and user experiences using agile including:

Members of Agile, Scrum or DevOps teams (Product Owners, Scrum Masters) wanting to build better quality products

Development members (Testers, Developers, Business Analysts) wanting to understand and apply agile quality approaches

Managers seeking to drive quality and efficiency in agile delivery

Hands-on experiential learning

A4Q PAQ is a practical focussed, accelerated learning course – developing and attesting to hands-on skills (including exploratory testing exercises using the “Ticketz” application).

The A4Q PAQ training course extends existing agile, testing and software quality management theory inspiring and building confidence through exercises and experiential learning aligned to the PAQ Competency Framework.

  • Agile Quality Mindset – Put into practice all the soft skills appropriate to the Agile Quality Mind Set
  • Faster Delivery – Optimize delivery through implementing automation practices where feasible
  • Scalability – Identify additional quality risks and changes required to effectively scale processes based on team size and/or distribution.
  • Build Quality In, Quality Engineering Principles – Implement the team activities to ensure the product quality objectives for each persona are met from inception (shift left) throughout the product lifecycle.

Course Content

  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Product Backlog​
  • Business Value & Priority​
  • Refinement​
  • Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Ready and Done​
  • Test Strategy
  • Quality Strategy
  • Risk Assessment​
  • Estimation & Velocity​
  • Anti-Patterns / Patterns
  • Code Quality
  • Refactoring
  • Automation
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Exploratory Testing
  • MVP and MMF
  • Acceptance Criteria versus Fit for Purpose
  • Retrospectives​
  • People, Process,
  • Product Evaluation​
  • (Continuous) Improvement   
  • Culture​
  •  Follow up on Results​
  • Team & Collaboration
  • Retrospectives
  • Overviews – DevOps, Scaling
  • Agile, End to End (E2E in agile)

A4Q Practitioner in Agile Quality 2.0: Exam Details

The A4Q PAQ exam is in the form of a Competency Assessment that verifies the practical application of Agile principles.
The assessment takes place at the end of the course, or it can be separately scheduled to be taken via remote proctor. Candidates who pass the assessment are awarded the A4Q PAQ certificate. Any candidate failing will have an opportunity to schedule a re-sit with their training provider.

The assessment is ‘hands-on’ on where candidates are given a product backlog release which includes user stories, associated design documentation plus a ‘multi-drop’ application seeded with defects. Candidates will be given instructions as to what is expected of them during the practical assessment and the opportunity to create the work products required.


This is a practitioner’s course. Candidates are expected to have met one of the agile knowledge prerequisites which can be demonstrated by holding certifications such as iSQI® Certified Agile Essentials (CAE), iSQI® Certified Scrum Master Pro ISTQB® Foundation Level Agile Tester OR have two years professional experience working in Agile.

Due to the practical experiential learning approach to this course, there is assumed knowledge which, if not met, will make it difficult for candidates to complete the course and assessments within the timeboxed course.

Candidates are expected to be able to already apply basic practices and techniques, such as:

  • Agile Manifesto principles and Scrum events
  • Basic test terminology
  • Knowledge of the basic SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

The exam for the A4Q Practitioner in Agile Quality 2.0 is available at:

If you have any further questions regarding the A4Q Practitioner in Agile Quality 2.0, please feel free to contact us.

The Alliance4Qualification (A4Q) is the official licensor for the Selenium Tester Scheme. If you are interested in becoming an accredited training provider, please contact us.


Minutes per exam


Extra time for non-native speakers.


Score is required to pass the practical assessment


Score is required to pass the theoretical assessment


A4Q is delighted to have had the support of several individuals and organizations in the development and review of PAQ 2.0 including the following:

Peter Duelen


Erwin Pasmans

Improve Quality Services by ICT Group

Benjamin Timmermans

Improve Quality Services by ICT Group

Leo van der Aalst

Improve Quality Services by ICT Group

Elizabeth Artemisa Yescas Engler


Erik Runhaar